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Religious Education and Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation

Preparation for children receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation is provided by the Religious Education Office.

Prayer For Children

  • Reconciliation and First Holy Communion preparation begins during the second grade year. First Reconciliation sessions start in mid-Novermber and the sacrament will take place in January. Then First Holy Communion sessions occur between February and May.
  • The Confimation preparation sessions begin in October of the eighth grade year. 
  • During the month of September, parents will receive a mailed letter about the first meeting.
  • Confirmation students are required to attend one preparation session per month between October and June, one retreat, and spiritual and service hours which will be outlined during the first meeting. 


The Diocese of St. Petersburg requires that students be enrolled in Religious Education classes for two years prior to receiving a sacrament. Please call our office at 727.812.4656 if we can help you get your child enrolled in classes.




Certificate Request

Have your received any of your Sacraments at Espiritu Santo?

Various documents are needed throughout your life. If you have lost any of your certificates or require a copy, please submit the following document request forms:

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