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Marriage Preparation

MIG-8-8-09-Group2Congratulations! Becoming engaged to be married is a big step. All of us who work with you during the marriage preparation process are eager to help you during the coming months. We know that planning a wedding can be a very hectic time for you. It is also a time that you will learn a great deal about one another. You may be wondering where to begin.

Couples wishing to plan their weddings need to contact Michelle Ishman at the parish office at 727.726.8477 x303 and register for a Marriage Information Gathering. Attending this session begins your six months of preparation time. All questions will be addressed at this session.  We’re happy and eager to help you experience another step in your journey of faith through the sacrament of Marriage.

The church needs a minimum of six months for the preparation of the couple to receive the sacrament of Matrimony. This is the minimal period of time as set forth by the policy of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. It simply states that adequate preparation for the sacrament is essential. Certain elements such as assessment, discernment, enrichment, liturgical planning, and attending the initial Marriage Information Gathering need time -- at least six months.

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