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Discernment Houses

people2A House of Discernment was described by a college student from the University of Florida as a "Home away from Home." It is a place for college students or young professionals to live or visit while discerning their vocation.  There are houses of discernment for women (usually run by sisters)and for men (usually run by priests or brothers).

This type of residence is a place for the young to live, or visit, and share community life with sisters or priests, and with like-minded individuals seeking companionship, prayer and quiet as they discern their life's path.people1


Often other young adults join the residents for a variety of activities such as:                      

  • Weekend Retreats
  • Busy Student/Busy Person Retreats
  • Community morning or evening prayer
  • Individual times before the Blessed Sacrament
  • Meals with planned discussion and prayer
  • Dessert and discussion
  • Workshops on discerning God's call
  • Workshops about consecrated religious life, married life, priestly life and single life
  • Opportunities for service
  • Movie nights, parties and games                                                                                         

Young adults away from home are often looking for companions who share the same faith and values.  A House of discernment would be a place for them to find that companionship.

For more information google:  "Houses of Discernment"


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