Funeral Worksheet


Name of Deceased                                                                       
Date of Birth  


Who will place the Pall on casket or cremains?  
Who will carry the cremains in procession?  
Bread and wine presented at the Offertory by  
Select readings (from Scripture pages on web site)  

Family/friend to read or a church lector  
Select music and responsorial psalm (from Songs pages on web site)  

Career: employment, military service, etc.  


Church Volunteer or other volunteer work  

Share life moments of the deceased  

Name to use when referring to the deceased during the liturgy  
Will anyone say words of remembrance at the end of Mass  
Name of Spouse  
Years Married  
Family Names: (indicate L for living or D for deceased after each name)  

Approximate attendance  
Knights of Columbus Color Corp?  
Military Honors Presentation at fountain following service?  
Special Needs: ex. Display table, floor easel, etc.