Funeral Planning

Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted...


The Funeral Liaison Ministry of Espiritu Santo Parish has been developed with the hope of assisting our brothers and sisters who have lost a loved one. As a parish family, our mission is to journey with the bereaved family at this most vulnerable time of their life. Pre-planning a funeral is a prayerful and profound experience that gives the planner insight into the beauty and hope of the journey of life and the celebration of what is most meaningful.

On this web page you will find:

Scriptures - Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospels

Songs - Music Selections, Responsorial Psalms

Rituals - Procession

These are approved as appropriate for Catholic funerals. You are invited to give some time to reflecting on some of these and selecting those that best express your experience of the life you have lived and loved on this earth and the God who will call you home to fullness of life with him at the end of your journey here.

You will also find a planning sheet to familiarize you with the information needed to complete the pre-planning.

If you have questions as you work through the materials, please call Jeff Fitzcharles at 727.726.8477

When you are ready, please contact the Church Office to set up an appointment for planning or to request a funeral date and time for your loved one's.