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Parish Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for offering your time and talent in service to your parish community of Espiritu Santo. Espiritu Santo, like many faith communities, depends upon the generosity of its people. This is the generosity of Christian Stewards reflecting God's love in our community. In a world weakened by a lack of love, we can make progress toward "peace on earth" by offering loving service to others. All parishioners, whether young or old, have special gifts to share with their faith community. Expressing your gratitude to God by sharing your gifts of time, talent and treasure, helps our parish as it brings Jesus' healing touch to our world.
For volunteers who work with our young people, the elderly, and the infirmed, the Diocese of St. Petersburg requires background screening and attendance at a Safe Environment Training program. For volunteers who have access to confidential information or handle parish finances, or those who will have access to our parish computer network system or other confidential parish information, background screening, fingerprinting and your commitment to our Parish Confidentiality Policy is required. After the background screening process is completed, you will be notified by the Ministry Director when you may begin your volunteer service.

Safe Environment Program



In conjunction with my request to serve as a volunteer for the above position, I understand that investigative inquiries on my background are to be made on me, to assess whether any reason exists that would suggest that I not be accepted for the position. These inquiries will be made according to policies of the hiring entity and will consist of a criminal background check and/or driving record check using the services of the Diocese of St. Petersburg / Dept. of Human Resources or a designated outside firm. The information received will be kept confidential and will be used only to determine my suitability to volunteer for the above noted position.
I authorize without reservation, any party contacted to furnish any or all of the above-mentioned information. Further, I will allow a photocopy of this authorization to be as valid as the original for purposes conducting the necessary investigation.
In addition, I agree to abide by the policies, procedures and code of conduct that currently exist or may be amended in the future by the entity for which I am volunteering.


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