Funeral Liaison Ministry

Our Funeral Liaison Ministry offers support, prayers, and guidance to grieving families who wish to prepare a personalized funeral for a loved one or pre-planning for those who would like to plan their own Funeral Masses. The volunteer meets with the family, usually at the church, to plan the Mass. Other areas of service are the Resurrection Singers who sing at Funeral Masses and Presence Ministers who greet, seat and assist those attending the funeral.

Volunteer PositionFuneral Liaison Minister
Required of VolunteerSensitivity and compassion for the grieving; comfortable interaction with those who are experiencing a loss; a sense of the healing powers of scriptures and music selected for a funeral liturgy; available during the day and, if needed, on a weekend.
Experience NecessaryNo
Training RequiredIndividually, as needed
When is TrainingScheduled as needed.
Time CommitmentFlexible. Approximately 2 hours when called to help; teams rotate.
ContactChurch Office, 727.726.8477

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