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Baptism Planning

Our Espiritu Santo Parish community rejoices with you on the baptism of your child. It is with joy that through baptism we welcome children into our faith community and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation into our Catholic Christian faith, followed by Holy Communion and Confirmation as your child grows. In baptism, we join the community of Christian believers as the Body of Christ.

At Espiritu Santo, we celebrate group baptisms for children below age 7 on Saturdays, although other times may be arranged. We also schedule individual family baptisms during any of our weekend Masses. For information about baptizing your child, please call us at 727 726- 8477 ext. 324 or email the Baptism Desk
We look forward to welcoming your child into the Espiritu Santo community of faith, and into our Roman Catholic Church.