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Funeral Planning

Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted…

The Funeral Liaison Ministry of Espiritu Santo Parish has been developed with the hope of assisting those who have lost a loved one with Funeral Mass planning. As a parish family, our mission is to journey with the bereaved family at this most stressful and emotional time of their life. We have a team of trained volunteers available to assist families or individuals with everything involved in planning the Funeral Mass. We also offer Pre-planning for the living. Pre-planning one’s funeral Liturgy is a prayerful and profound experience that gives the planner insight into the beauty of the Liturgy and hope during the journey of life. We offer two pre-planning seminars per year.

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Hymn Selections

Responsorial Psalms

Ps 16 The Path of Life
Ps 23 The Lord is My Shepherd
Ps 25 To You, O Lord, I Lift Up My Soul
Ps 27 I Believe I Shall See the Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living
Ps 27 The Lord is My Light and My Salvation
Ps 42 Like a Deer That Longs for Flowing Streams
Ps 63 My Soul is Thirsting
Ps 84 How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place
Ps 90 In Every Age
Ps 91 Be With Me Lord When I am In Trouble
Ps 103 Loving and Forgiving
Ps 103 The Lord is Kind and Merciful
Ps 116 In the Land of the Living

Rituals and Participation


There are several times during the celebration of the Funeral Liturgy when family members or close friends may participate in the Rituals.

Before the procession, the funeral pall is placed on the casket or urn.  A Bible or Prayer Book, rosary and cross that had belonged to the deceased can be placed on the casket or next to the cremains after the procession into the sanctuary.

Family members may serve as Readers of the Sacred Scriptures, they may present the bread, water and wine to the celebrant during the Preparation of the Altar and there may be short words of remembrance after Communion.

The Readings and Music selections are approved as appropriate for Catholic funerals. You are invited to give some time to reflecting on them and selecting those that best express your or your loved one’s life experiences.

You will also find a planning sheet to familiarize you with the information needed to complete the pre-planning.

If you have questions as you work through the materials, please call Jeff Fitzcharles at 727.726.8477

If you have recently lost a loved one, contact your Funeral Home first and they will call us to schedule a date and time for the wake and/or Funeral Liturgy and internment. You will then receive a call from a member of our Funeral Liaison Ministry to assist you in the planning process. If you are pre-planning for yourself, when you are ready, please contact the Church Office to set up an appointment with a member of the ministry. When your preparations are complete, we will Keep a copy of your plans in our files.