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RCIA: Have you thought about becoming Catholic?

If you, or perhaps someone you know, is interested becoming a Catholic, making Confirmation, returning to the Church or just curious about our faith and religion, please consider joining us at our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) sessions in our parish.

Our RCIA team is currently meeting at 7 p.m. Mondays in the Parish Center for anyone who would like to join us.

RCIA helps to prepare adults for full communion with the Roman Catholic Church through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion during the Easter Vigil Mass, April 3, 2021.

We meet weekly from about 7-8:30 p.m. Mondays through the Easter Season, with several breaks for holidays.

As with most things these days, there are some necessary precautionary changes in our formation sessions because of the Covid-19 virus.

We require people to wears masks, and we are safely distanced from each other in our meeting room, similar to the way to celebrate the Mass on weekends and weekdays. We will limit the number of persons who may attend at one time. If necessary, we will meet in separated groups on separate nights.

RCIA is the opportunity to explore the Catholic faith, to see if it is for you and to form community. There is no obligation and no cost – only your desire.

At our weekly sessions, we explore and discuss the Catholic faith, traditions, practices, liturgy and theology that help to draw us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ – the savior of the world and the reason for our Church. Along the way, we share our thoughts, questions and concerns as we learn more about ourselves, our spirituality and the Church. Most who join us will come into the Church at the Easter Vigil; some may decide it is not the right time for them and choose to wait.

Our group includes adults from all stages of life: middle or high school teenagers, college students, young adults, parents, singles, working adults and retirees. They are husbands or wives of Catholics, or persons planning to marry a Catholic. Some have been attending Catholic churches for years with a spouse or relative. Others have been searching for a faith  tradition and found a home here.

Additionally, we welcome adults who already are baptized – as Catholics or in most Protestant traditions – and want to   prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation and full communion with the Church. We have confirmation for adults at the Easter Vigil, but most often it is done in small groups during a Sunday Mass. At Espiritu Santo, we typically schedule confirmations for the second Sundays of Advent and Lent, as well as when Bishop Gregory Parkes comes in the spring for middle school confirmations.

So if you, or anyone you know, is interested please join us on Monday. If you cannot attend at that time, want more information or would like to talk individually, please contact Deacon Steven Girardi in the parish office at (727) 726-8477, ext. 310, or by email at deaconsteven@espiritusanto.cc

Visit our RCIA and Adult Faith pages under “Faith Formation” for more information.