Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality are men, women, teens and children of all ages who welcome those coming into the church at weekend and Holy Day Masses, Civic Holiday Masses and special occasions. These ministers create a welcoming and prayerful atmosphere for worship. They greet and seat people in a caring and orderly manner while assisting those with special needs. They also direct Communion lines with reverent attention and assist with the Offertory Collection. Seasonal ministers are always needed.

Volunteer PositionMinister of Hospitality
Required of the VolunteerRegistered, practicing parishioner who exhibits characteristics of hospitality.
Experience NecessaryNo
Training RequiredShadowing a current minister for a couple weeks.
When is TrainingScheduled as needed.
Time CommitmentServe at same Mass every 3 weeks or more frequently. Willingness to volunteer for Holy Day Masses, Christmas, Easter and special events.
ContactJeffrey Fitzcharles – Church Office, 727.726.8477 ext. 1306.